We have received notification from The Department of Education in regard to their recent review of school zones. These zones were reviewed across the state against the capacity of each school, local demand, projected enrolment numbers and new schools opening. As a result, our school zone has been updated. 

You can check out our school zone at findmyschool.vic.gov.au


INFORMATION for all students who seek entry to MPS

  • Parents with children living in our school zone will always be able to request enrolment in our school.

  • Parents with children living outside our zone still have the choice to request enrolment, but their enrolment will depend on our capacity.

ALL Prep/Foundation enrolments for 2023, must be submitted by 30th April to allow for future planning.  We aim to let families know in July if their child has a place at MPS for 2023.


If there are insufficient places for all students who seek entry to MPS, students will be enrolled according to the Department’s Placement Policy’s priority order, which has six criteria:

  • Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school, (located via findmyschool.vic.gov.au)

  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.

  • Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.

  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

  • In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.

* Please note: As stated in the Primary School Privacy Notice, an immunisation certificate and satisfactory evidence of a child's name and date of birth must be provided to the school (e.g. birth certificate, passport).


Despite the current challenges we are of course, still planning to welcome our 2022 cohort of Foundation children to Montmorency Primary.
Our current plan is to hold an online parent information session and run 2 transition sessions in November.




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