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2023 School Council

President: Nicole MacDonald

Executive: Janene Worsam

Vice President: Amy Gedge

Treasurer & Finance Subcommittee Leader: Balwinder Singh

Buildings & Grounds Leader: David Koolstra

Education Subcommittee Leader: Paul Wickham

You can contact the school council via:

The Montmorency Primary School Councillors are there to carry your matters to the official governing body of the school.

As well as providing a governing body for the school, School Council also strives to support the teaching team across many different areas.


Should you have issues or concerns that need to be raised, please contact one of your Councillors. All Council meetings, unless designated as closed meetings (eg: Co-option Meetings) are open to our general school community. You may attend as a gallery member to observe the workings of Council.

You can read more about what school council does here.

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