• To provide opportunities for students to play a significant and effective role in the decision making processes of our school.

  • To provide opportunities for students to become skilled in all aspects of leadership.

  • To ensure that our student leaders are positive role models for other students.

  • To create a whole school community where every member feels their contribution is valuable.

  • To inspire our student leaders to become leaders within the community of Montmorency.

  • To develop a school spirit within the school and greater community.


What does being a class representative mean?

  • Demonstrating the school values of Safety, Learning, Respect and Friendship

  • Being put in a position to speak and act on behalf of a group

  • Being placed in situations where decisions are made that affect others

  • Looking after the interests and views of others



This means that a representative has a responsibility to:

  • Attend all meetings that they can/Apologise if they cannot attend

  • Be punctual and reliable

  • Contribute to the workings of the SRC

  • Be well prepared and organised

  • Talk to all students in your class and listen to what they have to say

  • See yourself as a representative of your class and make decisions in everyone’s best interests

  • Be available so that other class members can talk to you about ideas, issues or concerns

  • Report back to your class after every meeting

  • Be a good role model for all other students in the school 

Our School Captains 2020

       School Captains: Indie & Finlay

  Vice Captains: Maeve & Jean-Claude


      Sport Captains: Tex & Tatiannah


 Environment Captains: Emily, Dom & Hamish

        Performing Arts Captain: Caleb

Principal: Janene Worsam




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Australia 3094


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