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Montmorency Primary School is a special place. Here, you will find great people. And great people, are what makes a great school. At MPS, you will find a strong sense of community based on a shared vision, shared values, culture and ethos.  Our school values of Respect, Friendship, Safety and Learning underpin all that we do. Our rich and creative curriculum, within and beyond the classroom, focuses on 21st century learners and incorporates collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and global citizenship. 

Our students thrive in the safe atmosphere here at MPS. We are a school small enough to have an in-depth knowledge of each student and large enough to provide a broad and engaging curriculum. Our students excel under the guidance of great teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about teaching and learning. Our staff seek to extend the imagination and inspire our students to explore the endless possibilities that life presents to them. We provide a stimulating and inclusive environment and a wonderful climate for learning.  

MPS is a friendly and energetic hub of learning. We offer an opportunity for students and families to join a community built on respect and inclusion.

Please contact the office for enrolment information.

“Really great people make you feel that you can become great.” Mark Twain


Janene Worsam
Montmorency Primary School

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